Station five years a word of the webmaster

1. do not try to do short-term, accumulation is required process.

2. do not try to collect type building site, it is best not to use some acquisition function of the program.

Don’t try to challenge the search engine

3. IQ, game there is a fool, if you can not find the fool, the fool is you.

4. don’t listen to what others say… Earn much, in fact how much you earn, only you know, union know, flow know, and flow is proportional to. You can optimize the 10 thousand IP to 100 blocks / day, but it’s impossible to optimize 1 IP to earn 1 cents a day.

5. did a TW League a few years ago, and all the data in the background is open. From then on, I was shocked: every click record is a long string of machine code, such as n=dac10166…… What’s in it? A little check, you know everything, IP, NIC, resolution, CPU, system version, and so on, what else, G knows,

6., if the search engine is friendly to your station, then you should be good at ambush, not follow it.


7. follow the search stick for updates? Is it great? No! Stick!


8. do you know the features of each search engine? It’s a lot more to study. So far as I’m concerned, I’ll give you an example, Baidu, head, Google, head+body+next, page (),

9. pull one, included 100 million miles away, not included a

at the top.

10. two years in this QQ group silent, BBS silent, why are silent, don’t know all search bai. Who’s next silent? I don’t know,

11., two years, color ring silent, movie promotion silent, video portal sink. Who’s next,

?Is it difficult to update

12. every day? If not difficult, take some time to update it every day. Search spiders are called small bees. Where there is pollen, it will go, otherwise it will not.

The original

13. is very important? I don’t believe, you don’t see a major gateway to almost all the contents of it, but to copy someone else’s must have the skills, for example, to collect some more fellow articles, he re organized into a little, Meiqimingyue, injected fresh blood to the article. Or take the what, what to what……


14. still be an upstart on the web? By all means, it’s only 9999 less than 5 years ago. There are long-term plans, there are fresh ideas on the stick, and want to repeat the work of tens of thousands of people, or forget it, can do a lot of things, do not hang on the network of this tree.

15. which alliance is good? This topic is very sensitive and not suitable for discussion. But there is a principle that allows you to get comprehensive benefits

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