Site in April only tears thousands of lines

lost 07 years of college entrance examination, which is expected to do the high school a lot of time is spent in the "computer" "computer enthusiasts" and "computer fan", "the world" sometimes to see the "hacker X files" these books are of course the students borrowed. As a result, I naturally came to the technical school, 300 meters from my home, to study at —

so much time, the school’s computer room has become the place I often go, I do not like the atmosphere of Internet cafes. Still clearly remember the brother to post it on which black, Black Hawk rice materials, I passed a noun "Wangzhuan" 5000 rare opportunity has come if you have heart out? Of course, I have no money to go after this training, just listen to the free 3 day, the day I did not one day not so fascinating, "webmaster, laggards, ADMIN5. SEO, CMS, IP these words with my brain, also do a few days money, didn’t make a start, I want to put my free application in the high school of the domain name into a 80 and entertainment network site, the free space is used, and the contents of my website column each class of heaven are thinking, imagine that this site is how a potential ah! Slowly, I didn’t know how much I far from my 80 network heaven, tears in the middle of the night often thin flow —

constraints, and language, 1. without their own technology, many problems have to get a long time.

2. doesn’t have a computer. It’s very inconvenient. The file is on the 512M’s hard disk drive that was opened by a friend who used to be a black bar. Also restricts the development of their own technology, I do not know webmaster friends, how many Internet cafes, the school room trained out of, of course, this is their own factors ah.

3. uses free space and, of course, meets stability. Volcanoes, for example, show speed.

winter vacation these days are learning how to copy DEDECMS template, not fit to be seen out of the effect. 18 February morning, I saw the novice stationmaster net training, I immediately add my QQ group, in the group to speak, a group that you still do not position to the novice. At that time I froze, I am not a novice? I just watch every day in the webmaster online article more. I finally came out, I told him, I can come to my next class. Host: "Oh" I have not a novice, but I think the station was born


came home in the afternoon and my mother said to me, "you go to buy a computer." I was pleasantly surprised. I couldn’t believe it. Since last summer vacation, I dare not have this luxury, I have to wait for my own holiday work, the whole money to buy a second-hand. Last year, my parents agreed that I should buy a book, but I finally put my money back to pay my father’s loan 7 years ago. A few days ago, my mother simply gave me a lift, I did not expect this to be true. Out of excitement, can I be so selfish, for my own dreams?

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