Toss about four years still nothing to do standing experience summary

as a personal webmaster, four years in, but now still nothing, analysis of all sorts of reasons, has been no time to tidy up these years to walk through the road, the road station thoughts and feelings. Today after work to spare some time to share my years of some experience and understanding, hope for new entrants to help the novice, you can use this as a negative example. Look at your current and have the same experience, we hope to help.

, first tell me about all my years of experience.

site construction process

relative to the old webmaster, I count into a group of late, relative to the new webmaster, I’m more bumpy one. In 2007 three, do not love school, and friends often went to Internet cafes overnight, there is no understanding of the website, but the website to see a lot of very excited, as long as the input of a web site to find the information you want. I was wondering if I could do a station like this, providing the people who needed it with the information they wanted. Later contact self-help Station, self-help Station advertising is very attractive, free site, without any technology, as long as typing, you can build your own web site". It was a good choice for anyone who knew nothing about the technology, so I decided to build a beauty station using the self help system, because at that time I felt the highest rate of hits. Can bring huge traffic, so I put GG ads on the site can bring me good returns.

so, the site has little success, every day can bring me a few knife included, feel a sense of achievement, after the energy sources continue to receive money, then the excitement, now think about all funny. But I think that the good times don’t last long service providers, websites containing illegal content, seized. No matter how I explain that this is just beautiful pictures stand, without any illegal things, the site was back, was very angry, but what is the use of service providers to provide self-help service, we have not received a penny, the right to interpret them.

entrance exam 08 years, reported the three stream school, a local came to the University, I still insist on this in station. But I’ve never been able to work without a computer, and with my strong request, I got a desktop computer next semester.

spent a year at college and regularly visited local websites and found there was no communication forum for local college students in Nanchang. Each university is an independent forum which can only be exchanged by the school. At that time, it was thought that a forum could be built for local college students to study and communicate. He didn’t do any market research, altogether builds a local forum. After the site is built, it is found that promotion is the biggest problem, although the site is there, but no one visited, persist for some time, or no one to give up.

then gradually established a common software exchange station, scenic tourist booking agent station, Taobao customers, moon cake buy station…… >.

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