Personal website entrepreneurship experience

for a long time did not write the article, so today the thoughts of writing this article; how can the development of personal website. I say personal website standard is 1-2 people running web site, more is like me, a person running.

do not understand technology, don’t be afraid, free code a lot, there are many on the network to help you solve the problem of the people; not art also is not afraid, low price is a lot of art; then the individual stationmaster should have what I think is the operation skill?.

in order to operate successfully, must have a large number of basic knowledge, SEO, soft text promotion, signature promotion… All kinds of promotion, but also to give up the cost of effort; and the most critical thing is to establish a special theme of the site, the site must highlight the theme; and then the site to talk about the core profit point to make money.

let me talk about my experience, just a few websites of my own.

I have four sites, one may write text you know that lucky boy, this site I did not usually belong to business management, do not do business, because of a very high professional it usually is not what people visit but also can show the brand.

the other two is more critical, because one of them is me as a career to do, the trees this site is the slogan of my friend, I chose life and Buddhism; people usually the Internet very impetuous, eager for a relaxing tea zen mentality, so making the website; target location clear. And because of the crowd, I choose a variety of ways in business, for example, in a column to change the use of weekly melting jewelry; crowd special price is expensive, we can also actively accept.

core website construction, but also need to establish the site brand so I do and operation site navigation which is a need to manage the site navigation site to establish their own brand.

is the core site business, garbage station must, because the best experimental station can make money fast but also exercise promotion station, my station did not say, I am afraid everyone garbage station means are all sorts of strange things spread, the next article I will talk about how to promote.

is my example to illustrate the point: identify the subject and indirect means strong push, the key must adhere to, when it began not is full of commercial advertising, a column insertion is one of the most perfect way.

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