Small brother the overall promotion of the executive force make money more crazy

currently has four basic steps to earn money:

‘s first step: choose a money making model that suits you.

second step: do a good job of site planning and design work.

third step: hard to do promotion.

fourth step: after a certain amount of traffic, to sell advertising or selling products profitable.

want to make money is so simple, as long as the choice of their own mode of making money, and then to perform, to operate, you can naturally earn money. The following little brother explains two real cases. read more

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The unusual period perhaps the website filing is not so difficult to imagine

said the figure Valley in February 2, 2010 registered the domain name, think that the Chinese characters such as Larry and paired it, just Wyatt are beautiful, up down. Because I did not expect to use the site, it has been put on the record.

wait until February 23rd to see A5 news said, now the record to the webmaster personally to IDC place for the record, want to or forget it, qiayue not for the record, big deal for a year, domain name fee is placed there.

until March 27th, in A5 saw the news He Sanwei: People’s daily hit the "local website filing system", I feel that finally a just media stand out for our webmaster talk. I think, I’m going to try to see whether the new regulations for the record. I even want a good, if so call me to IDC to photographic record, I will not go, this is not the case. read more

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Work site navigation finally realized a monthly income of 8000

to FrontPage from the beginning of 2001, I had the indissoluble bound and site node, remember that time in school, from 7 points to get up in the morning to 1 at night to sleep, every day is to get the code to do animation, adjust the interface. Ran a literary station every day dozens of friends every day post, the peak time of the 100 articles published in one day, very happy every day watching someone clicks and replies. However, at that time, there was no sense of making money, nor do I know how to count the flow of visitors until graduation from university. Later, in school, because of busy work, and in the small town, the Internet is not convenient, and slowly gave up the site. Looking back is also very silly, do website alone interest, also don’t know the original website can even be used to make money. read more

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Rely on site service providers to do a few points to pay attention to

many enterprises ask others to do the website to improve the popularity of this enterprise, and achieve the role of publicity and promotion. But why website service provider quote relevant very far, some prices are very low, and some prices are breathtaking. Here are a few points for your reference:

1, a penny. We all understand the truth, the cheap web design may not always carefully survey planning, not on the market competition, industry analysis, customer needs planning, is entirely directed at your money to do things carelessly. The high price of web design professional level is much higher, whether from quantity, quality or after-sales service have done more in place, so that you do not have any worries. read more

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Discussion on some ideas of QQ station

      QQ station in the end how to develop, this problem I think for a long time, now most of the station is you copy me, I copy you, feel oneself original things less and less. Talking about the original, of course, as each webmaster hope that their station has original content, but only our personal strength can do? So I have been very contradictory, in the end QQ station how to develop?

        in fact, when it comes to the QQ station outlook is very good, now more and more users of QQ, but if our personal station or not what special, you can keep the number of QFANS, here is my personal ideas, perhaps just an idea! read more

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Fast bag founder money lost company entered the sale stage

[Abstract] since 2010 on the line, he totaled 20 million yuan to finance, compared with the hundreds of billions of dollars in financing counterparts, the amount of money he is poor.

fast bag founder Xu Zhiming

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported January 26th

recently, "he is seeking to sell", the founder of Tencent technology Xu Zhiming today admitted that he had indeed entered the sale stage, some objects are talking about, but it is uncertain.

Xu Zhiming said: "I sent the news, but also hope that more people to talk about, and the main reason for the sale is because the money lost."." read more

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Can a blog still carry your ambitions

independent blog, in recent years, gradually faded out of everyone’s vision, for the webmaster, this type of website has no potential for commercial excavation, abandon it also become a matter of course. So you can see that the number of bloggers in the industry is dropping, and there are only a few famous blogs like Lu Songsong. Even the survival of the blog, it still faces many problems, the information is updated slowly, push frequency is low, unable to effectively bind live mobile client users, profit and so on, in the development of blog industry is cry everywhere. read more

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An old rookie site memoir

time too fast, 8 years fleeting, imperceptibly became done N site " webmaster; "… Said in quotes, because I was not eligible stationmaster, until now is not my ~. When playing the stone age, China Yigang opened the beast, Nien was a dream pet at the time, I a person to engage in N, at the time of the price, should be worth a few thousand dollars ~ how to sell? So the establishment of the impulse. Then, to build a personal website Laoniao have a sense of worship, I think that can build, play computer to the extreme. Also at that time, I contacted the domain name, space, FTP and other new things, registered the 51pk domain name. Remember the name of the station was stone supermarket, with FrontPage form a simple site. The picture did not change the format directly up, watching full screen called XX, I have studied for a long time and there is a story that is not a good search engine, I through the Sohu directory to the landing site, found a site called 52pk in the directory of the stone age. Domain name so close, called me happy for a long time, immediately contact 52pk’s Zhou Qiao, when he is also stone player, built a family site, as if called "brothers" what ~ we chatted a lot. read more

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Automobile website operation and profit method

1, to strengthen content construction, web site this thing is content is king, there are content to see, some people come to see, there is intention to customer information, specific can be divided into two points:

1.1 how to ask price



1, direct sales of mobile phones, said he bought

2, where comes the salesperson’s mobile phone, and collects

when visiting the market

1.2, user focus and key exposure brands:

1.3, how to write quotes

answer: Internet users are most concerned about the promotional category of the article, which is the title of the key. read more

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