Love Shanghai site grammar search results page revision webmaster needed to show more content

after the revision of the site syntax to display information, whether to show what? This picture can be seen from the above, the main display of the website for the record number of information, and marked the personal record or the record company, and the number of pages, web site is the real love of Shanghai index included diagnostic information etc.. The syntax of the Site display of the information provided below for the most awesome love Shanghai webmaster tools display. In addition, after a number of websites by querying the site information discovery, the level of security information website also shows some websites, this should be used and love Shanghai webmaster tools on the site security detection of the site will appear, as follows: read more

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Just start a network marketing search

this link is an equally important part of network marketing, now most of the sales of products and services on the site have a basic real-time communication software, the software function is to be able to communicate in the first time and visitors, doubts and problems of the first time to deal with the user, for each visitor conversion website the.

through the third aspects of the work you might get some information of potential customers, such as name, contact area, etc.. These potential customers may then simply consult some of the problems, and did not produce purchase behavior, but these customers you still want him as your potential customers to maintain. For example, you can in the holidays to send a holiday blessing and so on, so let them remember you, to facilitate subsequent sales work. read more

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How to increase the chain site


7 Blog websites: in fact, blog links have been good, however, because this part of the Shanghai dragon Er to do too much, cause now included and the quality is not very good; however, if a high level of blog, the effect is very good.

3 love Shanghai products: according to the quality, in order to love the Shanghai encyclopedia, love Shanghai library, Shanghai love experience, love Shanghai side, love Shanghai know…… This is not to say, the earth people know

forum posting with links: if can publish the article in the forum, and to bring the link, the effect is good, the premise is to post the popularity, reply, save for a long time. read more

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Open the mini six elements of the website of Shanghai Dragon

website now more and more attention to the optimization of Shanghai dragon, open the mini has many friends all want to their business website provides Shanghai Longfeng advice and service, so here is the six elements we first briefly analyse the website of Shanghai dragon.

Mini has repeatedly stressed that the high quality web content, what kind of content is high quality content? In the previous article on Mini "high quality web content five standards" are elaborated, summed up is: to meet the demand, relevance, originality, richness, immediacy, rationality. The contents of this website, all is Shanghai dragon optimization based, then open the mini also wrote "how to obtain high quality content". For the enterprise website, update the news station is a very fishing thing, also open the mini also have a special article explaining, "we can see how to find and publish news station". There is a high quality web content, everything is a natural. read more

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Miracle talk about the technology blog 10 times Shanghai love story behind the surge of anti chain

chain to increase

to three, diligence is the key to the development of anti chain "

two, quality of the platform is the chain growth security


is concerned about the Internet technology blog, the technology has been committed to improve the quality of website content, original information technology, improve the user experience. The technical articles are mostly directly material foreign technology website news, timely translation and editing and publishing, which is based on the protection of the original article and instant. In the information explosion of the Internet era, the founding team always adhere to the "science and technology to provide users with valuable information, so we estimate, but also because of its unique point of view, the content of the novel and fashionable popular features, various websites have reproduced below, an article can get famous the website (blog IT news, speed transit network) reproduced, which for a website of the weight increase and the chain expansion plays a basic role. We also believe that the Shanghai dragon team, Shanghai dragon is core content, user experience. read more

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How to make love fast included the opening of the new site in Shanghai

How long does it take to love

5, submit your site to search engines love Shanghai.

! All the details of the

6, necessary for the construction of the chain.

original source: http:/>

key words: how to make love in Shanghai included, opened a new web site quickly included

note, here is the love of Shanghai included refers to the release included through the site: command returns, included the results, for the novice Shanghai dragon, should will encounter this problem, open a new website, will check to see whether Shanghai love the web site every day, then, the new website. Love will be included in Shanghai general website how long? Usually, if the site is better in line in front of the differences in content, structure in place, keywords layout is reasonable, pay attention to domain name and virtual host set the order to open a new line on the site, will be included in the 0-3, said: 0 days on the day included the content of the website, if not handled properly, complex structure, or illegal content (grey website), the website may be included in 30 days is normal. If within 30 days, the site also not included, that is likely to be a problem domain. read more

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How to make the site through the love Shanghai sandbox period in five days

extraction from search engines to the final collection which has one of the most important factors controlling the process, and this process is the site of the content words, do a web site’s friends must know the most important site is good for a new content, we can sum up a truth: we want to own the website will soon be included in the search engine, then you must make the website with more than 5000 words, the content must be original and related websites. That is to say a website through the foundation of love Shanghai sandbox period is three points: one is content rich enough; two is the content with a high degree of correlation; three is the content must be original. To meet these three points to represent the site with fast through the foundation of love Shanghai sandbox period. read more

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Leveraging force do promotion the use of the search results page appears do lasting promotion

If the

5, repeat the above steps, try to search B, search C……

Post Bar love Shanghai as an example, the reader can then extend this set of ideas, to promote the use of other sites.

?The promotion effect of

to promote Post Bar love Shanghai because many posts Post Bar have good ranking, ranking is popular, since he is popular, we do promotion in his post these popular inside, so as to bring popular products as the goal or target site we want to promote, it is not very logical.

The core idea of read more

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Love knows Shanghai ranked in the end from which determinants

first, "Shenzhen’s best recruitment website" Shenzhen recruitment website which "best" Shenzhen recruitment website which is the best "three phrase, for example, made the following specific search, as shown below:


5, the amount of praise;

will be more effective?

, a ranking factor

, 3;

, 2,

According to


, Q & A from keyword matching degree, position, number, number and answer praise have recommended answer statistics as follows: read more

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To summarize some commonly used five search engines

1, a new station. According to the observation of this period of time, for the new station included love, Shanghai is the fastest. In fact, everyone may have noticed that when the new site for second days or third days, Shanghai will be included in your love home station, although only the home page, other pages you see new features, the best possible in a week or so to release the inside pages. The new sites included the most, is Google, one may have included hundreds of pages, or even your new station only a few pages. The slowest is included Bing, Sogou ranked second (reciprocal). Of course, if you put in a proper way also when the boss, I have no opinion. Review of the new sites included speed ranking results: love Shanghai > Google > soso Sogou > > Bing > * *. read more

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