The analysis method and process of a web site

from the 7 points above we can analyze a site internal structure optimization is reasonable, but also need to analysis: site history, included quantity, included within a day, the proportion of included quantity, keywords ranking, the PR value, the number of the chain, Links, Alexa ranking data, and then combined to make a statement. Compared with their own website, see where you can get better breakthrough and execute.

Shanghai dragon and ultimately going to analyze competitors, excellent learning website, and learn from each other, this is very important. Only to know the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor’s website to know how to transcend. Famous Dongguan network last year in succession to some large and medium-sized website done Shanghai Longfeng consultancy work, the analysis of the process of the site and our method is simple to share. read more

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How to make the enterprise website optimization thinking of Shanghai dragon mobile terminal site

so, do optimization thinking of enterprise mobile website should be so early is the PC to the mobile terminal is excessive, dominated the PC, and then through some thinking of Shanghai Longfeng PC side, the mobile terminal "give high weight, in the face of the mobile user search habits, from the user experience, mobile networking equipment use users are spending time online, it is unlikely to have the patience of many click on the page, so mobile website design should be as concise as possible. If the website needs to design the purchase page, set > read more

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