15 of Fallout 4 players havent even left the Vault

first_imgThere are obviously a ton of things to do in Fallout 4 — that’s the whole point of Bethesda games — from exploring the Wasteland, to reestablishing the cities and towns of Boston, to becoming a teddy bear voyeur. In Fallout 3, you lived out the life of a Vault dweller until you reached adulthood and were forced to escape. In Fallout 4, you can mess around in your pre-apocalypse house a bit, but really, you answer some questions then almost immediately head into and subsequently out of the Vault and into the Wasteland. It’s hard to spend a lot of time actually doing anything in your Vault this time around, but that hasn’t stopped 15% of Fallout 4 PC players from never making it out.You can check out the stat breakdown below in IGN’s Daily Fix.The statistic is easy enough to track — you can view everyone’s achievements on Steam, and players get an achievement upon leaving the starting Vault. Only 85% of players have gained that achievement. The pre-apocalypse population likely consists of players that picked up the game but haven’t gone back to it, but considering the wacky character creations spreading throughout the internet, we suspect a lot of players are spending time in the robust character creator, which happens before you leave Vault 111.For more news, like Deus Ex delays and Nintendo 3DS XL colors, check out the IGN video above.last_img read more

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